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Erotic Electrical Nerve Stimulation

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This orgasm machine site contains explicit information on female multiple orgasms, masturbation, female orgasm equipment and techniques, electro orgasm machines and orgasm stimulation. It appeals to those interested in electro-fetish and bdsm, bondage, male multiple orgasms, electro orgasms, electrosex masturbation equipment and techniques as well as sex toys, electrosex techniques and electro sex toys. Female orgasm and the ultimate multiple orgasm techniques are also addressed. If you are into bdsm, bondage or other techniques producing multiple orgasms by electronic masturbation you will really like this technique for men and women.

Electrosex multiple orgasm machine techniques are a method of sexual stimulation involving the use of low voltage electronic signals to directly stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into triggering pleasure and orgasmic response. Utilizing electronic signals to duplicate and increase normal sexual stimulation can have quite a profound effect on the sexual arousal of an individual or individuals. The nerves can be triggered in a way that never occurs, even in the best "normal" sex, or with friction or mechanical vibrators. Nerves are electrical triggers anyway, and by applying electronic signals to activate them, the feelings can be incredible.

The Japanese conducted a very interesting sexual study. Under laboratory conditions, monitoring the heart rates, length of time to erection and orgasm, and duration of orgasm(s) in both men and women. The results showed a very significant increase in sexual arousal and pleasure in both genders using Electrosex. In men an erection is not even required to continue stimulation to the point of additional orgasms.

If your fetish is bdsm, bondage, electro sex toys, or other electro stimulation you will find the information presented here very useful. Electrosex is here to stay, as are multiple female machine orgasms, masturbation, electro masturbation for men and women as well as electrosex female orgasm techniques and equipment.

Multiple orgasm machine techniques for men, women, gay, lesbians, girls and guys.


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