The Ultimate Orgasm




Couples, Women, and Enhanced use
This publication focuses on creating stunning multiple orgasms in any participant or partner by application of electronic signals to the genitals. It includes instructions for use by couples.




homemade electric sex toys

Available for immediate download to your system and printer, including a WebTv format. Also available by printable e-mail attachment and in hard copy if you cannot utilize downloads.



Each publication contains the all the information contained in the previous publication, ie. Publication #2 contains all of Publication #1, and Publication #3 contains all of the information in both Publication #1 and #2.

Publication #2

This second publication elaborates on the basic information provided in Publication #1, and contains many additional ways to achieve the best types of signal output, and ways to fine-tune this technique to produce the most sensual feelings.


In This Manual:

  • Introduction
  • Erotic probes and electrodes
  • Setting up the stereohomemade electric sex toys
  • Connections to the stereo
  • System and tone settings
  • Finding signals, music and impulses to try
  • Applying the signals to the appropriate areas
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Optimum tuning
  • Safety precautions

Section 2: Enhanced Techniques, Couples

  • Additional inputs
  • Use of equalizers
  • Use by women
  • Use by couples
  • Alternate application to genitals
  • And more…

  • homemade electric sex toysCost: $30.00

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