The Ultimate Orgasm


Couples, Women, and Enhanced use
This publication focuses on creating stunning multiple orgasms in women, (or yourself) or a partner by application of electronic signals to the genitals.

Available for immediate download to your system and printer, including a WebTv format.
Also available by printable e-mail attachment and in hard copy if you cannot utilize downloads.

Each publication contains the all the information contained in the previous publication, ie. Publication #2 contains all of Publication #1, and Publication #3 contains all of the information in both Publication #1 and #2.

Publication #2mag09



This second publication elaborates on the basic information  provided in Publication #1, and contains many additional ways to achieve the best types of signal output, and ways to fine-tune this technique to produce the most sensual feelings. It includes instructions for use by women and couples.



In This Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Erotic probes and electrodes
  • Setting up the stereo
  • Connections to the stereo
  • System and tone settings
  • Finding signals, music and impulses to try
  • Applying the signals to the appropriate areas
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Optimum tuning
  • Safety precautions

Section 2: Enhanced Techniques, Women and Couples

  • Additional inputs
  • Use of equalizers
  • Use by women
  • Use by couples
  • Alternate application to genitals
  • And more…

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